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What is Domain AUTHORITY?

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Domain Authority is the rating of the website like Page Rank And Alexa Rank . It is short termed as DA . From now I concentrate on Domain Authority because it depends upon Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank And Backlinks to your website . In simple words if you are having high Domain Authority , it means you are having Good Alexa And Page Rank & Backlinks too .

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Whereas Domain Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains, Page Authority measures the strength of individual page. The same is true for metrics such as MozRank and MozTrust.

Organic traffic is the main source of traffic for any website or blog. Search engine optimization has a strong influence on organic result on search engines but something else very important is usually ignored. Almost all efforts are geared towards building links and a very important aspect is ignored. This is domain authority and trust, which communicates confidence to any search engine, something very important as a result of the fact that search engines rank websites beneficial to their users.

If new content is to be given a favorable rank by search engines, building domain authority and trust is important. Otherwise, the home page of the site will receive some rankings but new posts will never receive favorable rankings.

Frequency of links acquisition

The frequency of links acquisition and domain quality of sites linking to your site are equally important. In case a blog has acquired thousands of links in a couple of days it will be very easy for search engines to realize something is amiss. Spamming is usually penalized by a ban. Also, if the links you receive are from domains considered spammy or involved in a spamming exercise, chances are high your own domain, as innocent as it might be, will be taken as spammy.

Inbound links

Inbound links pointing to a site is one of the factors used by search engines in ascertaining the authority of a specific domain that conveys the site's popularity. In case a site has many inbound links pointing from some of the highly authoritative sites, it will be considered a high authority website as well through association. If a site has useful information, many sites will link to it. While so many white hat tactics of building links are plenty, what will help in generating superior inbound links is the creation and distribution of quality content frequently.

Guest posts are very important after the Penguin and Panda update and the safest way of building links. You can receive and provide a valuable link for a specific keyword through a guest post. Your page authority is directly proportional to its back-links and you must target a number of popular blogs within your own niche. Simply comment on the blog, share the posts online and once you are noticed, ask if you could post content as a guest on the site.

Keep adding pages

A website's size contributes to domain authority. Increasing content pages on a site also increases the chance the pages will attract inbound links. Adding quality content to a website is important and can be done regularly through the incorporation of a blog within the main domain. As you post on the blog, search engine spiders will keep returning to the site to have the newly posted content indexed.

Social networks

A look on SERP trends will let you know social signals are playing a huge role in the ranking of a site. A good example is being ranked on the five top positions for a competitive mid level keyword through a combination of twitter tweets and Facebook shares. A huge number of authoritative blogs have predicted the fact that social signals will increase in importance in the future.

Aging domain

If you have an old domain let it age by maintaining its registration and continuing with addition of content to it. Traffic will gradually increase over time and it will be viewed favorably than a domain newly bought and yet to earn the trust of Google and other search engines.

Social bookmarking sites

If pages on your site are shared a lot, the value will increase. Spend some time doing social bookmarking by using such sites as Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon among others. Do not forget that to have your content shared you must share the content of other sites as well. Sharing your articles only is a narrow approach on building your site and you will not succeed as you should.


Do not ignore the power of the world's favorite video sharing website. You could upload your content, perhaps tutorials you have created and link them to your site through the portion for describing your link. This will bring more traffic to your site and increase its authority on the web.

Building the authority and trust of your domain is not something that happens overnight. Spend some hours daily on it and you will soon see gradual increase in authority, trust, page rank and web traffic.

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